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Welcome to Evidence Based Moms

As the old trope goes, Babies don’t come with a manual! And neither does getting pregnant with those babies or dealing with them as they grow out of babyhood. Many people claim to have the answers, online forums, parenting articles, your parents and in-laws (and especially random people you meet in the supermarket). But if everyone’s advice is different, how do you know which is correct?

This is when we turn to science. Modern medicine is based on the practice of being evidence based, which means that you can’t claim something works unless you can prove that it works. Proving something works is not that easy, as you have to show repeatable, predictable results in enough people that you can extrapolate to the general population and then publish this work so that others can read it and critique it and act upon it. The Internet is filled with journals, white papers and conference proceedings outlining all this work.

So if all this information is available why don’t people access it? The primary reason is because you generally have to have multiple years of graduate level education to cut through the jargon and understand what the information is about. This is what we hope to do on this blog. We want to take the questions that we come up against in our everyday parenting lives and answer them to the best of our ability with the latest science and medicine has to offer. We also want to make sure that everyone who stumbles onto our blog can understand and take out actionable points of information.

Please note that we are providing the latest information to the best of our abilities, however we are NOT your medical doctor! Any information you find on this blog that you find interesting, wish to implement etc should be thoroughly discussed with your health care provider before you do anything. We are not here to diagnose or advise, we are just providing information which may or may not be relevant to you.