Evidence Based Moms is a blog dedicated to providing scientific answers to parenting questions. The three current members of the blog are all science trained and are passionate about decoding science jargon in papers, journals and conference proceedings in to real life, usable information. We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa and can be reached via info at evidencebasedmoms dot com

Meet the crew:

Megan Vannucci PhD: Megan is a Biomedical Engineer and is married with a young son. She used to work full time in Academia until she had her child. Now she does some sessional lecturing and full time toddler wrangling.

Sarah Dawson PhD: Sarah is a Biomedical Engineer with a passion for basing action on well-researched fact – both as a pregnant mom-to-be and in her day job working in remote medicine.

Tamlyn Benney MSc: Tamlyn is a physiotherapist with a special interest in sports injuries and encouraging children to become active. Since having her little girl she has rediscovered the simple pleasures of play and spends her afternoons doing so with her little one.